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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:44

40 Year Old Woman Stove Master

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Living in Amasya Merzifon Fatma Basaran, 40 years doing stove production.

Amasya news: Photo Industry stove in the workshop of his wife on site, bucket , barbecue, urn kebab and tandoori who Fatma Erbaşar the quarry production , welding, sheet metal cutting, bending, drilling and installation of Make Calls mastery . Recruitment wife explaining that begins to help the mother of 2 children Erbaşar , \"the 40 years I've been doing this . I came to help my spouse. I learned little by little. Then I started to do it all . Larger stoves in the years when I first started , I was making bricks all. Now reduce the stove. Gas because you're doing other things . we're buck in winter season . Write barbecue, Tokat kebab cookers are making that kind , \"he said .
Sector because it works the men were surprised when they saw while working in his machine customers from factories in the first year , but over time reception they
describing Erbaşar that , that his wife went out of the city when marketing to accounting to work as ministers girl with 6 staff administers mill , he said. 63-year-old Erbaşar said, \"I'm taking orders . I enjoy doing my job. I come again to go at noon home. Until the evening of 5 , I am up to 7 depending on the status of the job ,\"he said .
Father's profession while trying to maintain sobacılıg 46 years bear's pillow head put it in his wife's also telling that the same work will be happy to hand throwing 73-year-old Unal Erbaşar said, \"it is very ambitious . he never shirk . I kaytarıy . when left empty the seam upright , the picture is done ,\"he said .

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