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  • 22 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 13:28

Amasya Protocol's 95th Anniversary

Amasya Protocol's 95th Anniversary
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Istanbul between Government and the Delegation of Representatives held on 22 October 1919 due to Amasya Amasya Protocol's 95th anniversary conference.

Amasya news:
Mustafa Kemal Pasha , Rauf Orbay and Bekir Sami Bey, where the Representative Committee with the Istanbul Government representing the Minister of the Navy Salih Pasha, 20 of October , starting on October 22 ended negotiations prior to the process of tweaking'Amasya Calls'describing at a conference titled Nineteen May University ( OMU), Prof. Dr. Dursun Ali Akbulut, \"Amasya is one of the important events in the history of the Protocols . Was a historical event ,\"he said .
Highlighted the importance of 5-point protocols , Prof. Dr. Akubulut , \"because here the resulting reconciliation to the country , then what brought you . Once parliament's opening has been achieved . The Anatolian elections to interfere , to intervene insists behaved was no doubt that the elections could not be done . Elections to be held in Anatolia asked . These Anatolia will of the nation how much not value that is the expression , \"he said .
time , the Assembly in occupied Istanbul collection for security reasons anxious finds Mustafa Kemal Pasha justify that emphasizes Akbulut, \"He parliamentary life was too short . 2 months is a lot. Recent Ottoman Deputies Assembly call. He on March 18, the occupation of Istanbul two days later than the collection's decision took . now in the country Ottoman parliament is also there. But this is what has brought ? Turkey Grand National Assembly opening justified , \"he said .
Sarayduzu Barracks National Struggle Museum and the conference held in the Congress Hall MN Deputy Governor Sinan , Deputy Mayor Mehmet Helm, Amasya University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Murat Gökdere and was followed by other officials .
Deputy Governor Sinan , at the end of the conference , Prof. Dr. Akbulut gave flowers .

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