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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 09:27

Chairman Özdemir tell their experiences to college

Chairman Özdemir tell their experiences to college
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Mayor Cafer Özdemir Amasya , Amasya University Vocational School of Technical Sciences'experience in the field Speaks'met with in a program called college .

Amasya news: Photo of Mayor Özdemir Survey Engineer , Technical Sciences Vocational School Survey and Cadastre program students describing their professional experience ,''Pour practice what you have learned , you need to develop your skills . This professional enthusiasm inside you , a situation relevant to your own development. If you love this profession you do take too much, you solve problems you meet in the land will rejoice like a child,''he said . Photo Map President is describing a profession sought after in the public and private sectors of the technician Ozdemir, \"There is a branch of engineering that exceed our profession . All the engineering of my topic has ownership association problems. these problems doing the work are the cartographer to solve . So your job when you love , when you learn your job well when you develop your practical intelligence , technology when you follow well , dialed when you use it well needed software programs that I think you would be qualified personnel. when you graduate the company will experience your first work experience , do not be very selective when choosing . the first institution you work appears as a training area for yourself , \"he said . a question about the urban transformation project from
students'We modernize not destroying doing Amasya \"that the answer Cafer Özdemir,'unfortunately cities in Turkey has been structured in a distorted way . You are able to plan, as has been the case for it to be trained and equipped technical staff can apply . We are now in line with the proposed project technical employees have lost their functionality in Amasya destroying public buildings more functional , making new buildings earthquake resistant Cultural Urban Transformation're doing . Relieve the Amasyamız unplanned construction before , \"he said . Photo Özdemir, if an incoming questions about traffic problems gave the following response:''Amasya corridor city. Length of 15 km and width of 700 meters. In 700 meter range one 70-meter IrDA our food , we have a long-distance path. in our field the remaining part of the residential part of the primary natural and cultural conservation area . Amasya There are also tools on over 40 thousand houses around 38 thousand . So every household has an average of 1.2 grains vehicles. Therefore, we need to produce new solutions. we have a work about it. we made ​​a tunnel through the castle. that project was also prepared us a map engineer and project works well in our friend many maps techniques, such as you. \"Photo Technical Sciences Vocational School Assoc. Dr. Submit sacrifice , Rector Dr. Text Orbay also attended by the Mayor at the end of the program gave a plaque Özdemir .


Chairman Özdemir tell their experiences to college" comments for.


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