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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:26

Course schoolboy on the bus to Captain

Course schoolboy on the bus to Captain
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Amasya captaincy program students are given lessons in bus passenger bus .

Amasya news: is doing the course as practical
Amasya University within the High Akin Tasova Vocational School bus starting this year, training activities captaincy program of 40 students of the courses in the school as well as university-owned coaches . to
students tourism transportation, general traffic information, travel agency, basic driving training, given that the Assistant Director of School physics and various courses such as foreign languages. Assoc. Dr. M. Burak Bilgin, also said the latest model coaches sent the university management is applied as data transferred. After recommend checking tire from riding the bus in Photo Initially, addressed the students in the class began M. Burak Bilgin, \"in the car the principle of moving standing passengers apply more passengers transported the principle of buses that each bin . our most important for life safety provider before our warranty issue is set out with measures , \"he said . stating that they
bus company and in the best way aims to educate the students with the opportunity to be employed in the public knowledge , \"in our country, we encountered a large bus in accident fatalities are a growing chart . accidents mortal and injured more as an amount of occurrence we are also bending some issues in terms of education requires us to consider . required with the necessary simulator devices emphasis on practical lessons from the vehicle's load distribution on the vehicle , we are talking about the passengers , \"he said .
students connect their seat belts in the passenger seat describing the school is satisfied with the training around the track in the tour at 1st grader Kenan Coban , because he was more qualified personnel trained and employment prospects stressed that choose this section.


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