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  • 24 Ekim 2014, Cuma 10:36

Female Drivers in the More Sensitive Child Seats

Female Drivers in the More Sensitive Child Seats
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In a study conducted in Amasya, 5.85 per cent of male drivers in the vehicle when determining children sat in a child seat , the same situation was found to be 19.57 per cent in female drivers .

Amasya news:
Several collaborate on projects they Amasya University's provinces at different points in his counting and analysis tool in the child drive that contains only 7.5 percent of the children in a child seat sat that the remaining children are vulnerable and self-seated that that is seen in Amasya Police Chief Mehmet ARTUNAY , \"in the same study, male drivers 5.85 per cent rate of children in a child seat sat the woman drives this ratio 19.57 was found . these about women drivers and male drivers compared to the more sensitive they can say ,\"he said .
in Amasya last year, resulting in total thousand 530 accident 16 people were killed , thousand 661 people were wounded , 187 child victims that anımsatıp traffic accidents is to say, the positive results of the'seat Belt with life Link'and'traffic Pedestrian Respect''s two projects currently implemented explaining Police Chief ARTUNAY , \"In our province and across the country, the children of victims of traffic accidents are known to be the biggest . Ensuring compliance with traffic rules, traffic culture is our biggest goal is to give . Our efforts to achieve this goal with a project by adding a new element to the forefront of children in traffic we want to . For this purpose, the children are not victims of traffic and sorrow at the thought of'Confidence in Children in Traffic'are implementing the project . Projects in Amasya with children under the age of 10 to travel in the back seat of the car behavior in the community and aims to create change in perspective . Beginning of the project along with the driver on the training and supervision on children educational activities initiated the survey , analysis and evaluation will be done , \"he said .
Drive Addressing ARTUNAY , \"You Our expectations from all the traffic rules by adopting application , the love and respect which consists of a traffic environment contributes to provide yourselves , for the future of our children and their families in traffic culture is that of a trainer . Our children need healthy mothers and fathers , please do not forget that , \"he said .

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