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  • 25 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:42

Governor's Office on 2 New Work Culture Publishing

Governor's Office on 2 New Work Culture Publishing
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Two works was added to Amasya Governor cultural publications .

Amasya news: Amasya Governor added two more work to cultural publications .
Governor Ibrahim Khalil Çomaktekin the instruction supported'Amasya legend, Menkab and memorates'and'Ribat of Tashan on a journey and Restoration Story'at work was presented to the public. < Br/> Amasya University Lecturer Dr. Tugrul Balaban prepared by the'Amasya legend, Menkab and memorates of'work from the past in Amasya According to legend the place today and given the foregoing legend , the important value of oral literature were collected in a source. He published works thousand consists of 743 pages.
Middle Black Sea Development Agency ( OSA), Amasya Province Coordinator working in specialist prepared by Murat Şimşek'Ribat of Tashan on a journey and Restoration Story'is his work, testimony to the history of centuries of Amasya result of the restoration work that tells Taşhan'ın again accompanied by photographs of the process to gain the Amasya tourism. 207 consisting page was printed a thousand copies of this work .
This works Amasya cultures of the world to gain the important finds Governor Çomaktek , Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of'City Branding'as declared Amasya stay hidden historic properties and works to again bring together the public and reach the level it deserves in order to ensure the province's cultural tourism area that made ​​the new cultural studies , said that the last ring of the work in this area in the two works. Photo

Governor's Office on 2 New Work Culture Publishing" comments for.


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