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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:55

Handover Date for Medical School

Handover Date for Medical School
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Amasya Amasya Municipality of property belonging to the former bus terminal land was transferred to the University of Amasya .

Amasya news: Photo:The medical school building will be 18 thousand 945 square meters of handover with Mayor Cafer Özdemir Rector Prof. Dr. Signed by text Orbay . They are in a great effort to flourish and the development of Amasya , the Mayor stated that they perform imagine that many projects Cafer Özdemir, \"Our University Our partnership with all our stakeholders , especially continues unabated for the development of Amasya. Our university is a time that can be considered short lately in the zone , as well as institutionalized with both academic and physical structure has been transformed into a university integrated with the city. Amasya University , Amasya with the industrialists , the businessmen , employment-oriented growth by producing collective wisdom with the artisans and aims itself , \"he said . cultural as Photo Amasya, historical and artistic depth , a city of Amasya university's campus university that the biggest wish of rather than being a university integrated with the city being referred to the Chairman Özdemir, \"I see we have succeeded in this great rate . our municipal our understanding , our city of our educational institutions and better quality of all of our students education from these institutions and towards a more contemporary way to continue to support to continue their education . I would like to congratulate the young university's staff for their dedicated work . We transferred our old bus station which has an area of ​​18 thousand 945 square meters universities through expropriation today. Approved by the Ministry of Development and the consideration paid by us will use Amasya to produce better services to our fellowman . In our university, hoping that it would make an important health center of this area better for all Amasyalılar the use of point of this area and get lucky , \"he said . Photo governors, mayors , civil society, explaining that they work in harmony with the organizations and all other stakeholders Prof. Dr. Metin Orbay in \"Amasya University , School of Health Sciences , Faculty of Medicine Şerefeddin Sabuncuoğlu configuration that SHMYO and accelerate the recent work has begun to focus on the health sector. We made a cooperation protocol with the scope of our governor , we made appointments with academic staff, the Ministry of Health Şerefeddin Sabuncuoğlu State Hospital Şerafeddin Sabuncuoğlu Amasya University Research and Training Hospital became . Amasya University Medical School to get students need to complete the faculty academic buildings and other infrastructure services . Medical schools are programs that require difficult and costs. Property of the Ministry of Development with the support of the old bus station area of our municipality allocated to the university we did today . At this point, the Development Minister Mr. Cevdet Yilmaz will take an important place in the physical infrastructure of the Amasyamız medical school to gain this precious land that he gave in because of this enormous work supports my gratitude . Amasya , he wandered the streets of our university students in the city brands , we are in an effort to brand the university I emphasize once more. We appreciate their successful municipal service offering supports the development of our university Mayor Cafer Özdemir , our governor , I thank lawmakers and all other stakeholders in our \"he said. Photo Orbay, will begin construction in 2016, the faculty of buildings and other health agencies to expand the perimeter of the area to be deployed also noted that the thoughts.

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