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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:08

Health Personnel Certificate of Achievement from Governor Çomaktekin

Health Personnel Certificate of Achievement from Governor Çomaktekin
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Çomaktek of Amasya Governor Ibrahim Khalil , Minister Akyıl not contribute to society gave exhibitions prepared by the Mental Health Center offers health managers and headquarters staff certificate of achievement .

Amasya news: Photo Amasya University Rector Text Orbay Referring to the importance of the exhibition held at the program which was also attended Governor Çomaktek , \"The study is a summary of the value given to human beings. Every person is precious to us , is sacred . Our brothers and sisters in distress from psychiatric care to contribute to mental health , themselves healthy happy, you've walked into a lovely work in terms of how to feel peaceful. this work of love, tolerance , dedication requires . make this work is not really easy to work, the audience you are dealing has serious mental problems. Being aware of these difficulties , a large patience, tolerance , compassion happy these people Do not show a great deal of effort to really admirable , \"he said . after the opening of the Photo Exhibition of Turkish folk music reminiscent of a concert in the choir Çomaktek ,\"This've had a very good analysis of our brothers condition. you how to be fixed in place that requires attention with them. Already the doctors of our friends in as is well known , making a diagnosis before the disease is necessary to select the right method for the treatment thereafter . Of course, this only means the event is not a job to be done to the instrument. Here it is very important that you understand the human factor is very good and you've put your hearts. I congratulate you , this work is really important. Such studies must be increased . My gratitude to all of you for this beautiful work you have shown , \"he said . Then the Photo Program project contributes Public Hospitals Association serving Secretary General M. Rushdie Ertosun , Administrative Services President Fatma Ziyagil , Financial Services President Sadi Ergin, Amasya University Şerefeddin Sabuncuoğlu Education and Research Hospital Chief executive Tonga Faruk Mustafa Erdoğan was given that health center manager and success to its employees , including documents .


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