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  • 27 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 10:07

History of university students made ​​the trip to Amasya

History of university students made ​​the trip to Amasya
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Amasya have become more familiar with the history of the city they live in order to college students \"Journey to Amasya History\"edited titled trip.

Amasya news: Amasya have become more familiar with the history of the city they live in order to college students \"Journey to Amasya History\"edited titled trip. Photo Amasya Amasya Youth Center with the University of the trip organized in collaboration with the university scoured the historical and cultural attractions of the city are students enrolled this year. Amasya Governor came together with young people in a part of the trip Photo Ibrahim Khalil Çomaktek's , Istanbul University Rector Dr. Text Orbay with Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director of've had plenty of conversations with Acer students. Photo thousand 163 students took part in escorting young people throughout the trip Amasya Youth Centre Manager Sahin Silver, \"The main aim is to create a university youth to recognize the history of Amasya more soon\"he said. Photo Silver, also said that they would make a separate trip plan for vocational school students who are in town . chatters with students participate in a portion of the trip Photo Amasya Governor Ibrahim Khalil Çomaktek , \"The Amasya, Turkey and Amasya University very made good organizations. However, we have come together on the occasion of a good organization . our Governor in this organization , our mayor , our Rector's Office , Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate and the important contribution of the Youth Center. Safety our Organization , National Education organization we also combining facilities and power in the hands Amasyamız newcomer you precious young people the history of the city's ancient , civilization, they did nice work for you to inhale your recognition of the heritage of humanity and the weather , \"he said . Stressing that there is an ordinary town's Photo Amasya Governor Çomaktek ,\"The Amasya 17 civilizations to a city that hosted . 8 thousand 500-year history, a city where every street in works dating from this civilization. Culture throughout the trip , madrassas , shrines, museums, the King of Rock Tombs , you will see the presence of the ancient ruins . History, history about to be a youth culture is very important, we want to we the young people with past history, culture of civilization they may be related to their personalities living in that city , they recognize them. Mistakes they have made in history, beauty, they see deficiencies ; since it is the memory of the history and civilization society. We also need to recognize this memory is good. History we need to transfer the best way to come in the future we achieve them , \"he said . Photo collegiate personality of Çomaktek Referring they are the most beautiful times to maturity, \"Identity and in a city with civilization you continue your studies. If you are confident that you breathe this air , your vision , your ideals, your horizon will be much larger and richer. The next in your life, your service is very different , special , beautiful tasks will execute . Youth are our biggest asset . You catch your good constitute the greatest strength of this community. Of you are in this power, I think you'll have to transfer to the community. I regulate this organization , I offer my gratitude to all the institutions and organizations that support and I wish you continued success, \"he said . President explained that came from outside 80 percent of Photo Student Amasya Text Orbay also said ,\"Amasya our historical, cultural, natural and the artistic features of every opportunity we have to tell our young people , we have to teach . The works presented to the world cultural heritage of Anatolia is a good way for young people on the streets we should introduce them claim to have the city they travel. We look forward to merging the meeting on the occasion of such trips our students from all over Turkey outside over and abroad. \"Photo collegiate that they want them to leave with good memories when separated from Amasya ends and learning Amasya Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director of've Acer last year first made ​​Amasya to Date expressed the traditional festivity will be held every year cruise excursion project. Photo Students museum Cute Lovers Ferhat , Ferhat Water Canal , Gok Madrasah , Amasya Museum, Sultan II. Bayezid Complex , Miniature Amasya, Manuscripts Library , Yalıboyu Houses , Princes path of travel Piri's Park, Hazeranlar Mansion , Princes Museum, Yavuz Selim Square, Sabuncuoğlu Medicine and Cerrar Museum, Sarayduzu found Barracks Building with largenetwork saw the opportunity to examine the Madrasa . Photo

History of university students made ​​the trip to Amasya" comments for.


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