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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Ekim 2014, Salı 13:31

Orbay Rector Addresses Students

Orbay Rector Addresses Students
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Amasya University Rector

Amasya news: Dr. Text Orbay , \"Sister those who want to fight the best answer is that one and together ,\"he said .
Especially addressed to students of Prof. Dr. Orbay , \"Our borders outside the sectarian and racial violence are experienced. These geographies with cultural brotherhood exists and there and suffering we deeply injure . These fire to our country transportation efforts are also available. Brothers fight those who want to best answer the cooperative is that . Because this history, geography literary brotherhood us compels . all our personal dreams and expectations than a single goal. then a stronger Turkey , \"he said .
Amasya university, other universities apart from the most basic feature of the academic and administrative personnel joining hands industrialists , businessmen, artisans, and with all stakeholders, field research by employment growth by focusing on its target acquisition is describing President Orbay , \"as is well known institution of higher education in the supply-demand balance sours post-graduation employment problems are emerging. we in our region , our country and the world, closely follow employment problems experienced are trying to open smoking sections . First, changing and evolving to integrate into the world on behalf of the program in 2006, only 27 were supposed to increase the number . As of the 2014-2015 academic year, the number of programs we reached 84 . Again in 2006 when our program of graduate education graduate program today with 18 of our students have come back . This program is the doctoral program of the 4 of them . Open the program we qualified in providing training to faculty, staff our numbers we were founded since 2006, percent of 176 have increased , \"he said .
Amasya, a cultural and historical city Pointing out that the Orbay , said:\"This brand the university in the city to make with students our equipment was needed. 2010-2011 In 6364 a 112 percent increase in the number of our students today, 13 thousand 528 were showing . I would like to appear here that the formation of the Hittites , and the University of Sinop, Amasya University also offers training . Add that to the formation of our students is the number of students exceeds 15 thousand . This is our young students in creating Amasyalı only 20 percent to 80 percent of our students come from outside the city . We hope to increase the number every day . Neighboring and regional universities in the academic year 2014-2015 when we look at the occupancy rate occupancy rate of Amasya University SSPC is based on data on the average of Turkey . One of the essential elements of university research project is its support . In 2010 to support scientific research projects in any of our records invisible by 2014 this figure is 1 million 833 thousand Turkish Liras . Erasmus exchange program Maulana and Farabi from our students and our faculty members are utilized in an efficient manner . In Amasya University students from 18 different countries have agreed to our university . University of Amasya city university. With the governorship of the city with all stakeholders , our municipalities , in cooperation with non-governmental organizations are working . We all would like to have a hometown . Good point, we think we gained momentum and this momentum to further increase the total for all of our units are working . Amasya University as a social , cultural, sporting and scientific're hosting many events . Amasya one for our citizens to breathe , fun , development of our activities are free with ground our doors are always open . \"

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