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  • 21 Ekim 2014, Salı 17:07

Talented individuals were given the Certificate in Training Courses

Talented individuals were given the Certificate in Training Courses
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Amasya Guidance and Research Centre organized a special training course for talented individuals ceremony certificates were given to the participants .

Amasya news:
ceremony, Çomaktek of Amasya Governor Ibrahim Khalil , Director of Education Huseyin Sun, joined the office staff and trainees . Communities, nations and governments of the most important strength of manpower and capital, and that this human power , human capital can mean the right for the need to educate the Governor Çomaktek the \"in your hand , this labor force well before you will recognize . Something without knowing to educate , to guide him into benefits bring not the case , \"he said .
trainees , which advises Çomaktek the\"first in your hand these students what is the position , level , what is human nature , what is has to know . Creation as everyone structure may be different. Sometimes human mathematical intelligence developed , and some of the social intelligence can develop. Accordingly, the interests of individuals vary . Some students , however, by nature, gifted they can be . course gifted students every man can not manage , can not handle . you gifted a student know him who does not know and his intelligence level unsuitable If you give a man's hand , then the teacher can also be a shame , a shame that students do well . Your human resources can be missed . You are wasting your human resources . In this respect, training Amasya and has the distinction of being the first in our country . This area is good for teachers who are interested in training, these students entrusted to them to be intelligent is extremely important for our future . In this respect, our National Education community that I congratulate the beautiful and case studies , \"he said .
Çomaktek , training, gave certificates to trainees who successfully complete the program .

Talented individuals were given the Certificate in Training Courses" comments for.


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