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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:49

Then the Recovery Target

Then the Recovery Target
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Amasya Solid Waste Association ( AKABE ) launched a study to inform recovery of packaging waste .

Amasya news: Photo City starting with the various parts of the disposed waste collection piggy bank recovery work, Amasya Municipality and has regained some momentum with the starting information to work with Çevko collaboration . Photo Amasya Mayor and AKABE President Cafer Özdemir, \"Environment and Urban Planning Ministry approved packaging waste management plan is in line we have started the municipality and door to door informing work by Çevko . After the briefings at work , including how they may citizens of the recycling system, which materials allocations are necessary, they will them where they store and made ​​mentions the importance of this process , \"he said .
businesses, hospitals , schools and other institutions of packaging waste from explaining collected by another company of certain days and not hours of President Ozdemir, \"collected packaging waste is separated according to be taken to the type of waste separation facilities and more livable by gönderilmektedir.böyle the company will provide to the regain the production process and healthy it is aimed to the creation of the environment , \"he said . Photo AKABE Director Environmental Engineer in that the entire Taşdemir said,\"an organization that promotes the economic and orderly recovery of packaging waste Çevko Foundation non-profit organization . Amasyamız our recycling efforts and their support for our project and will walk more healthy , \"he said . Will be distributed by students of informative brochures Photo Campaign .

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